post-title Tour De Bens 2018 Finishers Medals

Tour De Bens 2018 Finishers Medals

Tour De Bens 2018 Finishers Medals
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The Twelve Bens Cycling Club are once again delighted to be partnering with GMIT Letterfrack for the 2018 Tour De Bens Sportif. GMIT Letterfrack have designed and produced the 2018 finishers medals and all in the club are very appreciative to all involved. Great job guys!







Dermot O’Donovan, Head of Centre at GMIT Letterfrack explains the design:

GMIT Letterfrack are delighted to once again partner with the Twelve Bens
Cycling Club for the Tour de Bens sportif. This year we have designed and
created a unique finishers medal that espouses the values of creativity,
innovation and sustainability. Every aspect of the design and manufacture
of these medals has been carefully considered to limit the impact on the
environment, enhance its functionality and maximise its aesthetics!

Made using Irish-grown sycamore sourced from the grounds of Westport
House, the timber was converted and seasoned at GMIT Letterfrack’s new
Irish timber research facility. The medals were designed for manufacture on
a CNC and laser machine and hand-finished with an eco-finish called Osmo

We wanted to create a finishers medal that not just looked great but that
would have an end-of life function too. Tour de Bens finisher medals are
designed in such a way that once you have tired of wearing them as a
fashion item that you can then use them as a coaster, perfectly suited to
your finishers mug in your gift bag!

We hope you like the design and would love to hear your feedback!

Wishing all participants a safe and enjoyable the sportif and we wish the
Twelve Bens Cycling Club continued success with the event.

Have you entered the 2018 Tour De Bens?